As a family with 2 children, the cost of high school has been a substantial load upon the financial picture and being able to ‘make-ends-meet’. When our older daughter was ready for college, we were recommended to consider the services of College Professional Advisors. I am very pleased that we took the time to explore what College Professional Advisors has to offer.

We started using College Professional Advisers three years ago and continue to use their services as our older daughter now will enter her junior year in college and our younger daughter enters her senior year of high school. From the beginning of the college search, through the college selection, the procedures required to apply for admission, all the required college forms, and the approaches of applying for scholarships, grants, and loans, College Professional Advisors has been a main consultant upon all of our decisions.

The approach College Professional Advisors uses is a personal and a very detailed review, taking into consideration all of the aspects of the search process, including the desires of the pre-college student, the long term cost of the education, the effect of the financial cost upon the family, and most significantly – an emphasis upon how these goals can be accomplished while keeping the financial capability of the family.

With the services of College Professional Advisors, we will meet the goals of having both of our children attend quality schools and the financial load will be reduced and possible for all concerned.

The Jones Family

William Jones, Content With The Services Provided