This past spring we received a financial aid award letter from the university where my son Jonathan wished to enroll as a member of the class of 2013. He was also considering several other schools from whom he had gained both acceptance and offers for financial assistance. Although I thought this university award was generous and possibly as substantial as we could hope for, I decided to check it with College Professional Advisors, with whom we have been clients for several years with older children. Not only did they reply quickly and conclusively, but the staff recommended a strategy for increasing the “grant” part of the award and composed a letter to the financial aid office to that purpose. I then received a new award letter from with a substantial increase in the “grant” portion of the award. Their analysis of the initial award and administration of the request for an increase was timely, professional and ultimately successful. College Professional Advisors allowed us the chance to have our son attend the college of his choice without the entire anticipated financial load.

The Jimenez Family

Carlos Jimenez, College of Choice